Posted on October 1st, 2013 by Kyle Hess

In 2006, a simple tournament among the creative talent was conceived in New York City based on a simple idea: to bring a community together for the sheer passion of table tennis, more affectionately known as ping-pong. It was named PT3 (Puma Table Tennis Tournament) and consisted of teams from some of my favorite underground companies such as Flavorpill, Truth and Soul Records, Staple Design, Vice and many more.

Furthermore, PT3 came with its own limited edition paddle set designed by long-time pong enthusiast Johan Liden from the New York-based creative agency Aruliden. With sophisticated lines and high-gloss finish, the ‘PT3 Ultramagnetic Collection’ elevates the art of the game to new aesthetic heights. Taking it one step further, they designed in conjunction with Puma the Chalk Table. Their commitment to design and execution is simply the sole reason I became inspired to pick up the sport again after many years off. Cheers to PUMA, Aruliden, and everyone else involved.

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